Birthday FAQ

Everything you Need to Know Before Booking a Birthday Party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our birthday party packages and overall experience.

Can I use coupons to book a birthday party if I'm an Annual Passholder?
Birthday party coupons can not be used on Season Pass Holder Pricing.
If I do not purchase a party package but only admission tickets can I bring in my own cake?
Only parties booked with a Sahara Sam’s party package are permitted to bring in a cake.
A party child has severe allergies can they bring in their own food?
Under only the most extreme circumstances can we allow outside food to be permitted into Sahara Sam’s. Each request must be submitted to management who will evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.
Is peanut oil used in frying foods at Sahara Sam's?
We do not use peanut oil in our fryers.
Can I bring in my own balloons?
Yes you can. However we cannot inflate them at the park.
If the party is scheduled for later in the day can the re-entry bands be used before the party?
Yes, the birthday child and 4 guests may come up to 2 hours before the scheduled party time and take advantage of the free re-entry. Please check in at Party Central and they will issue you the bands.
Can I bring in my own decorations for my son/daughter's party?
Yes, you can bring in your own decorations for your party and we will decorate it for you. We do not permit anything to be hung on walls or from the ceiling. The following items are not permitted: glitter, piñatas, sparklers, sparkler candles, live animals, tinsel, confetti, and silly string.
After the party is over, can the party re-enter the water park?
The birthday child can re-enter the water park with 4 guests for free and each additional guest may re-enter for a fee of $14.95 each. To take advantage of this, please check in at Party Central and they will issue you the re-entry bands.
What if I am late for my party?
If you or a guest arrives late for a party it will continue as scheduled. We will not start the party without the party child and party parent present however we will need to shorten several party features depending on how late the event has started. If a guest arrives late they can proceed to Party Central and we will direct the guests where to meet the party inside.
Are children 2 and under still free with the party?
Children 2 and under are free for the party and the child is not counted against the 10 included in the package. However, they will not receive food or items included in the party package. These items need to be added on. The parent of the child is still required to either pay $11.95 for entry or utilize one of the 10 complimentary adults allotted for the party pending the host of the party has one available. If the birthday child is 2 or under, they do still count as the birthday child admission and will receive all items included in the package unless otherwise stated by the birthday parent.
What is the policy on cakes and outside food and beverages?
We allow you to bring a cake for your event if an actual party package is booked through Sahara Sam’s. Cakes are not permitted with general admission or group entry. We do not provide a cake for your event. You can purchase a 1/4 sheet ice cream cake from Sahara Sam’s. Additional outside food and beverage items are not permitted. We do offer many menu options for you to select from at the Desert Palm Café to add to your package.
How much of a deposit is required to reserve a party?
We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking your event, should you decide to change your mind we will gladly refund your entire deposit as long as it is not within 10 days before your event. If the cancellation occurs within 10 days of your event we can only issue you a gift card.
Why do my adult guests need to pay a fee to watch their children if they are not participating?
Sahara Sam’s is an amusement facility and not a traditional birthday party venue with limited capacity for entry to paying guests and limited seating. We charge a fee because occasionally Sahara Sam’s is busy on certain peak periods. Sahara Sam’s hosts many customers and events of different sizes and without a fee we would be limiting our abilities to serve paying customers. We do offer complimentary seating at Sam’s Arcade game room, with access to our Desert Palm Café.
Is there a fee for adults attending the party but not participating?
Yes, there is a fee of $11.95 for each extra adult (ages 18 & up) who enters the water park regardless if they are participating or not. We provide 10 complimentary adult admission tickets for people 18 years of age and over as part of the package. The ten adults are invited to participate in the water park! We ask that you inform parents that if they wish to enter the water park this entry fee must be paid in order to receive a wristband.
Can a party use the indoor water park and outdoor water park?
Provided that the outdoor water park is open, all parties can use both parks. Please check our Hours & Events page to see when the outdoor water park is open (weather permitting).